Her performance works oscillates between digital and analogue medium, combining original cross-border techniques between real-time video feedback and digital and acoustic sounds. She often uses overhead projectors, dia projectors, typewriters, clocks, that are amplified via micro-contact microphones, combined with acoustic and digital sounds.

Various process of interplay between time-performance-memory-projection-sound-scenography-acoustic-digital-sound-object-mise-en-scène.

– Les machines solitaires -


Live at AV Format, Berlin March 2013

New performance project “Les machines solitaires” 5 real clocks, 3 sound sculptures, live video, 12 microphone piezo micro contact, 2 sensors, midi piano, audio mixer, ableton live, live hd webcamera, modul8, experimental sound collage.

All is generated in real time starting from the minimalist tic tac of the clock and ending in a kind of experimental sound collage, fallen like a dark corner of a metallic hybrid structure.

The metallic clock sculpture and organic shapes are filmed in real time and turned into an old image. Surreal, dark, dreamy conceptual.

In loving memory of Gisèle Brunaud.
Sponsored By Sqar
Special thanks to Kasia, Brent, Ioann, AV Format and Christian!

Les machines solitaires – live fragment - from AudeRrose on Vimeo.

Piece of a strange sound-video-sculpture performance, all generated in real time.In the corridor of our mind, time is playing under the surface of our skins. Related metaphors are hidden in every symbolic objects and sounds.Strange metallic sound-sculpture are hanging and playing with the physical oppression of time.
Do we still remember who we are after all those turns and critical behaviors.
When does reality remain trapped inside fiction?

– self made worlds -

[Barbara De Dominicis & Aude Francois]
for voice, electronics, and visual explorations
liberally adapted from ”House of Incest” by Anaïs Nin


A dialogue between the organic body depicted in video and the sounds and voices present on the stage. The pieces used, which belong to the works of Anais Nin, are balanced between prose and poetry, between dream and waking. Anais Nin takes us by hand in a “non-place” which represents every place, “the invisibile line between sayable and unsayable…”. Each single word becomes a sheath, a container of images, the pretext for a sonic investigation whose most authentic meaning consists of the search for the sonic (vocal) fabric which is closest to the emotion of the moment. The flow of images visually retraces the vital state of Nin: recreating the voyage in the oneiric universe of Nin. A pause in non-being, a descent into nothingness, a state of grace which only a dream can be in an undefinable time not because it is outside of time but in all possible time.

Self made worlds live in Parma from AudeRrose on Vimeo.

More info about the project

– piano salon -


Live at salon bruit, 04 may 2012
lichtblick kino, berlin

special thanks to kasia, brent, lars, ioanna, servando, laila

live performance digital and analogue, dia, video, digital piano, amplified objects, 2 typewriters, phone, clock, surveillance monitor, live camera, lamp, electric bird

photo credit I00I SqAR

– live poetry -


event at atelier uberall
berlin april 2012
overhead improvisation with mads emiel nielsen

 - the black bird -

Performance at bseite festival, Mannheim, 2012

Live sound and video aude francois

2 dia projector
1 overhead
1 clock
type writer
midi piano
ableton live
5 microcontacts
one electric bird

picture realized with sqar

help from pharaz and eva

special thanks to bseite team
rosa and mo
pharaz and eva


 - overhead improvisation -


live overhead improvisation with the musicien mads at the kule theater in berlin.

 - expanded collage -


live performance at freemote festival december 2011

aude francois video
servando barreiro programing and sound
accordion christian sonntag

photo credit georgina

2 overhead
1 super 8 projector
8 microcontact on phone, typewriter, super 8 preview monitor, clock
1 accordion
1 projector with webcam

filmed by emiko


programing on live and pure data by the brillant servando barreiro

 - the typewriter -


limbus europae, berlin, february 2011

photo credit christian sonntag and lars

Live performance, type writer, camera, micro contact microfone,modul8 and abelton live

AudeRrose & Brent Sqar

A floating narration, a dialogue between a men and a women, a typewriter and a computer, telling about impossibility to understand or communicate with the other. surrounded by a short movie shot in an abandonned berlin braurerei, two personnage, lost in a dream, surrounded by a decomposed environment, answering each other throught gesture and improvised action. telling about the sadness of acting in inner desert, searching for an impossible perfection.

 - shadow collage 2011 version III -


live at screenplay, chb, berlin, april 2011

photo credit christian sonntag and krisztina turna

 - shadow collage 2011 version II -

live audio visual performance, programmed on pure data

video aude francois

sound and video programming servando barreiro

accordion christian sonntag

Shadow collage is an audiovisual performance completely generated in real time, developed by Aude François, video artist, Servando Barriero musician and programmer and Christian Sonntag, accordion player.

On a glass surface, covered with semi transparent paper, a webcam captures the video feedback, of series of illustrations manipulated, animated and sychronized to the sounds of the accordion (via a pure data patch). The instrument passes into audio filters, transforming the textures, combined with various atmospheres field recording.

This performance transports the viewer in a visual game, a narration where figures, forms and textures experience an aesthetic metamorphosis.The piece articulates a corpus of differents illustrations extracted from children’s books, recomposed as animated paterns and forms.

During 30 minutes the trio composes a video and sound performance generated in real time, combining acoustic and experimental atmosfere, searching to blur the reality of those pieces of paper strapped out of a book.
The interaction between the moving images and the sounds is processed via a synesthesia, analyzing the influence of the music on a real time feedback live video content.

The illustrations turn into shadows articulated in a floatting story, abstracted from its original context, transforming the prints into mooving images and paterns, leaving the maniplulation process visible to the viewer.


live at b-seite festival, march 2011, mannheim, germany

photo credit chris something

 - shadow collage 2010 version I -


live at limbus europae, berlin neukolln, november 2010

photo credit yagama and chris something

 - frozen flowers (2010) -

live audio visual performance
triple screen video with modul8, triplehead and midi controler, audio on pure data linux

video aude francois

sound Servando barreiro

Frozen Flowers is an audiovisual live performance illustrating a winter fall into a black and white undetermined place. Playing with the temporality of everyday objects, composed as shadows and paterns, an anonym body draws the lines of the inconstance of emotions and desires…

Fallen from the cloud of a lost dream, the middle frame of the composition is stopped in time and reactived in sychronisation with the music, creating a sort of stopmotion framing with video…This performance deals with “Das Unheimliche” of Freud’s theory as a way of redefining the sensation of feeling outside of our own body, watching our own life as a movie running in front of our closed eyes…

b-seite festival mannheim, germany, march 2011

Visual Berlin festival, C.H.B. , Berlin, Germany, april 2011

 - mecanique des fluides festival 2009 -

performed live
sound céline pelé, lucie domingo, mathias vaneeclo
video aude francois


mecanique des fluides, visionsonic festival, centre reberioux, creteil, france, october 2008
foto credit samuel huron

 - mecanique des fluides residency 2009 -

live video acoustic performance, homemade residency, maki angouleme
original composition sound céline pelé, lucie domingo, mathias vaneeclo
performed with lucie domingo, andré fèvre, domitille sanyas

The physical theory of the fluid mechanics is the study of the behavior of the internal strength associated to fluids, it is from this physical theory that this video work proposes a metaphoric audio visual performance. Taking as point of departure the inverted fall of liquids, creating a poetic journey about the relation of the body to various liquid elements, shadows and objects…

Through a narrative weft punctuated of fragments of words spread into a floating narration.This project is a performed with video, acoustic and electronic live instruments.

In a dreamy soundscape two alto, machines and noises, try to illustrate the unbearable lightness of the body confronted to its own finitude.


mecanique des fluide, live at maki, angouleme, residency homemade collectif
foto credit flavorflavy

 - cube d´ombres residency 2009 -

homemade residency in south of france
second version of cube d’ombre

lucie domingo
andré fèvre
raquel meyers
domitille sayas


photo credit flavorflavy

 - cube d´ombres residency 2008 -

live multimedia installation, dance, sound, realtime video feedback with texture intergrated, acoustic and various sounds

september 2008, residency pixels transversaux, La Générale en Manufacture

october 2009 homemade collective residency at maki, angouleme

with vixid partnership

video aude françois

sound emotype, andré fèvres, lucie domingo

personnage lucille trouttet, raquel meyers

costumes céline pelé


photo credit yroyto

 - retro collection 2008 -