– Under the electric sea with Suzanne Ciani –

In partnership with Institute for Sound & Music, Gray Area Festival 2019 is proud to present the world premiere of Suzanne Ciani’s Under the Electric Sea at the ISM Hexadome. For one night only, experience an exclusive live concert by Suzanne Ciani and AudeRrose at Pier 70.

The live performance will take place in the ISM Hexadome, a 360° audiovisual experience. Throughout the Gray Area Festival, the ISM Hexadome will showcase the work of internationally renowned artists through spatialized sound and projected visuals in an enveloping, architectural space.

This audiovisual collaboration was commissioned and created in Berlin for the ISM Hexadome by Suzanne Ciani together with French visual artist AudeRrose.

– Pani outdoor projection at Roche ZugaB Mannheim –


I had the amazing opportunity to make giant slides of photographic and collage works, for the special event of licht installationen and B-seite festival.
The challenge was big, the projection gigantic, the projector is a pani turbo monster of 75kilos.
The photography and chemical processing were done with Brent Sqar.

Special thanks to the organizers, technicians and artist for making this event possible.
Merci to brent, benjamin, sven, irwin, torston, roman, stefan, the technicians, the technical director, pani, roche, and of course the audience who came to the evening and enjoyed the event.

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 – Finitude 15 –


Combining slide projection and overhead
AudeRrose / Nicolas Wiese, analogue projection

Photography by Nicolas Wiese and Kukuland

 – The golden slides –

The Golden Slides from AudeRrose on Vimeo.

The golden slides
Installation projection
AudeRrose & Brent Sqar
The slides were done with a modified cross development process to achieve this colour result out of the black and white material.
Premiere exhibition at Quiet Cue Berlin, december 2014.

 – white box 2013 –


An empty theater with projected textures…

 – ovar selvy 2012 –

presented at b-seite festival 2012

 – ovar selvy 2011 –

Limbus europae, november 2010

Video installation of portraits with stop motion combined projection of old picture.

Video projection and 5 tv monitor

Audio by monolyth & cobalt

ovar selvy selected pictures


Facing a ghost play, surrounded by recomposed stop-motion, generating series of cross-border portraits, where two identities melt into one another, trapped inside a floating structure.

Oscillating between figures, genders, identities, creating new figures inside an unbalanced and disturbed reality. Playing with our own recognition and memory structure, using the projection as a surface and light medium, expressing the possiblity of recomposing a lost figure.

special thanks to brent, etienne and mathias

alexandre, lucie, tony, momo, olympe, regis, ginette, aude …

 – my little mute cinema –

b-seite festival, mannheim, germany, march 2009


video installation “my little mute cinema”

photo credit Lucy Benson

video installation, running time: 12’22
video: aude francois
sound: kaâ d’aversky
My little mute cinema is a video work illustrating series of games between a men and a women, taking place in a retro atmosfere the two main caracters are playing and facing each other. with a surrealist sound composition, differents video frames show hands and bodies moving like paterns, having tea and playing cards… the setup can use simple boxes with white background or old fashioned frames hanged on the wall.
this work has been inspired by the book of «vingt quatre heures dans la vie d’une femme» of sefan zweig, focusing on addiction to games, illustrated toward the story of a young men and an older women.