– Patch audio visual festival Krakow –

Screening of some video made with the Copenhagen sound artist Mads Emil Nielsen at the patch audio visual festival of Krakow!

overhead-collage from AudeRrose on Vimeo.

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Special thanks to elektro moon!

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Exhibition text:

Overhead collage, variation I
Overhead collage was made out of paper cuts and video recording of the images realized with an overhead projector, using figures and pieces of paper taken out of books as well as photographic film. The video is a simple assemblage of rhythms and shapes illustrating a unstable composition.

Sbjekt objekt, variation II
The second level adds urban landscape to the overhead collage composition. Out in the dark, the light of the city become patterns and inscription surface for the figures. The video inserts a dialogue between the flat two dimensional surface of the figures and the three dimensional surface of the city scape.

Ligne test, variation III
Taking five lines as departure point, the simple shapes become abstracted patterns inside an after effects composition, experiencing rotation and rhythmic variations. These five semi transparent pastel structures come to life in a dynamic interaction with the sounds.

The 3 videos are composed in a continuity, reflecting the simple idea of patterns, activated in motion, expressing the possibility to compose a structure with simple iconic elements, thus composing a narrative structure with motion and composition.

The video clips were realized for Mads Emil Neilsen a Copenhagen sound artist.

Auderrose and Mads also play live with overhead projector and analogue machine, leaving the visual process visible to the audience.

Live performance excerpt:

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