– Video installation, Tallin, Estonia –

We are happy that 3 of our video works were presented to the penitentiary exhibition, for the august edition. The exhibition takes place in an old sea fortress-prison http://www.patarei.org/


AudeRrose & Brent Sqar
Video Works

Poetic mimetic journey – lost between images – body playing metaphors – trapped inside constant poetry – the subject is no longer a being but an image – a reflection of a physical experience – private inner story – playing with deformed mirrors – inverting realities and perspectives – constant narrative drift – hidden fantastic mythologies.

Behind Illusion, 16:9 HD 2013, 3min54
Sound and video composition: AudeRrose
Action: Brent Sqar
Shot in summer 2012 in a german old ball room.

Behind the illusion of the image time is playing with the surfaces. Another time measurement, variation-motion, reactivating the flickr of our own memory loss. An old vanished ballroom where the dancers left is reenacted with experimental lens in front of the camera, creating variation and motion on the surface of the images. The personage oscillate between still body pauses and sudden motion, creating an ambiguity about the space.

La Chambre, 16:9 HD 2012, 12min12
Sound and video credit AudeRrose and Brent Sqar
Shot in 2012, former Soviet Army radio station, Funkhaus Grünau, Berlin

The bedroom is a skin, a mental space where images float inside the shadow of illusions. The room is a private space, another part of existence where the eternal sleepers hold on to time. A fragmented reality is shaped by a circular frame made with a simple visual trick.

Vide fenêtre / Unerwartete Zimmer, 16:9 HD, 2012, 15min59
Video and performance : AudeRrose
Sound and performance : Brent Sqar
Sound composition: Kâa d´avresky and Céline Pelé
Shot in 2012 in Nalepastrasse, old GDR radio station, Berlin

Experimental short performative movie. The action takes place in the abandoned building of the Berlin old GDR radio, two figures are playing with the architectural structures, putting their body in confrontation to the decay of the building. There are no longer people, but a derelict part of history standing in front of us. We reenact improvised forgotten memories, taking the space a performative playground where time stopped but figure stayed in the scene for decades. The video work is a metaphorical play on the presence and absence of time.

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