– Nuits et Noirs 3 – Sacred Language –

3 of our abstract photographic works were selection on the 20th February 2016 for the online publication of nuits et noirs, we are very happy about it, as i deeply admire the selection of this magasine!
Special thanks to Max Kuiper.
You can find the online magasine on the website:

AudeRrose & Brent Sqar

Poussière interstellaire, Tryptique, 2015

Berlin, Germany



The mysterious possibilities of an image, when the process escapes our control and disappears from the photographic surface, creating a magical and uncontrolled result. The vanished image is shaped by alchemy, when an unexpected chemical reaction breaks the gelatine surface and erases the content of the photography. The persona hidden inside the photography has vanished and become an abstraction, a fragment of memory.

The magical composition was created by randomness and error process, as if the image decided to become autonomous.

The loss of the figure, the sacred image, becomes a beautiful tale of the absence creating a new language, lost inside interstellar abstraction. The dust of a memory, the physical absence of the being, the degradation of physical surface becoming pure texture, pure uncontrolled poetry. The chemical failure turned figuration into abstraction, and created a complex beauty that would have never been possible in an intentional process. The failure becomes the main figure of the process, creating an enigmatic and fragile surface made out of broken fragments.

The images were realised with handmade development process from analog black and white material with slide processing.