– Night voice Berlin DVD collection –

My video “Night voice” realized in summer 2013, was selected for a dvd collection: Shocking Film Hyper Visual Pornography.
Sound and video realized by AudeRrose
Special thanks to Liina Nilsson and Kasia

Night Voice from AudeRrose on Vimeo.


A collection of 40 art videos, music videos, documentaries, short films and live performances from Berlin artists in 2013.


“Shocking Film Hypervisual Pornography” is a small video label releasing rare compilation DVD’s of material from artists and musicians (mostly) currently working in Berlin, and a few from abroad as well.

The material is not necessarily that shocking nor pornographic (although it is encouraged to be), it’s just a name discovered in an old magazine.

Last years open call resulted in a collection of 40 videos that gave a demented and totally disparate but great glimpse into what’s being done video and music wise around in Berlin.

The DVD’s have been sold at production cost at Sameheads and various Pizza Suicide Club events ever since. Three times 50 copies are sold out, so 150 of them have been spread to the world!

We’re proud to unveil the 2nd edition of this DVD series! 40 new pieces for the masses to enjoy.