– Mimesis in Cinema experimentalis –

Very happy that my video “Mimesis -Two variations of archetypal images-” was featured in Cinema Experimentalis
“Devoted to spreading the word about current experimental filmmakers who make outstanding work, and are not (yet) world famous. One film, one page, one week at a time.”

“Welcome to Cinema Experimentalis. Since I started making experimental videos in 2009, I’ve seen the work of so many fantastic filmmakers on the internet. This blog is devoted to them, to spread the word about their work, and in the process raise awareness about the role of experimental film in the larger world of filmmakers.

“Experimental” to me does not mean anything goes. It demands the same kind of discipline, focus and thoughtful searching that any other art of merit demands, as well as a distinct and confident voice. What makes experimental filmmakers different from other filmmakers though, is their willingness to be the first one to jump into unknown waters, and from there to resourcefully use whatever means they have at their disposal to communicate their vision.

I’m not a critic so I won’t say anything more now. It’s time to get to started and share what I’ve appreciated.”

Jennifer Sharpe (aka odilonvert)

Mimesis -Two variations of archetypal images- from AudeRrose on Vimeo.