– Les machines solitaires –

21:00 – 21:30 Uhr Audiovisuelle Performance – AudeRrose @ Kubus, zeitraumexit,


21:00 – 21:30 Uhr Audiovisuelle Performance – AudeRrose @ Kubus, zeitraumexit, Mannheim, Germany

Piece of a strange sound-video-sculpture performance, all generated in real time.
In the corridor of our mind, time is playing under the surface of our skins.
Related metaphors are hidden in every symbolic objects and sounds.
Strange metallic sound-sculpture are hanging and playing with the physical oppression of time.
Do we still remember who we are after all those turns and critical behaviors.
When does reality remain trapped inside fiction?
Live at AV Format, Berlin, March 2013
Performance project “Les machines solitaires” – “the lonely machines”
5 real clocks, 3 sound sculptures, live video, 12 microphone piezo micro contact, 2 sensors, midi piano, audio mixer, ableton live, live hd webcamera, modul8, experimental sound collage.
All is generated in real time starting from the minimalist tic tac of the clock and ending in a kind of experimental sound collage, fallen like a dark corner of a metallic hybrid structure.
The metallic clock sculpture and organic shapes are filmed in real time and turned into an old image. Surreal, dark, dreamy conceptual.
In loving memory of Gisèle Brunaud.

Les machines solitaires av live B-Seite Jetztkultur thanks so much to Benjamin Jantzen, sven/Licht Installationen, Melanie Wetter, Christiano Domingo and Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder for the beautiful images.