– Les machines solitaires blog –

So the machines were traveling this year and i made this little blog to illustrate the process, moving changing, trying to fit to all circumstances. Hard in the end, too much material and technical constraints. Nevertheless they were standing as much as they could in front of reality.


This is the end of a long project, and Kassel was the last episode of “les machines solitaires”, it’s sometimes good to stop things when they get out of your control and feel the necessary need to change, and pass to another state of your creation.
I want to sincerely thank all the great people who helped me and supported me in this crazy experience.
I am currently working on the next performance project who i hope will be presented in spring in a special festival.
The title of the next project: ” Le paradis rouge ou l’oiseau impossible”
>it will be a combine expanded media performance with motors, slide projections, magic lantern (…)