– Empty room screening, Art Cluster, Bernardes museum, Girona, Spain –

My videos “Empty room” as been selected to be screened at Museum Bernardes, Girona, Spain. The project is called “Art Cluster”, it’s a non-profit organization aiming to create a collaborative worldwide artistic network. The project consists in an annual magazine and exhibition, as well as weekly video screenings.
Here the link of the project:
Special thanks to Jofre Oliveras

empty room from AudeRrose on Vimeo.

The video was realized in march 2011 in the country side house of my grand-mother in the middle of France, memories, impressions, sensations, sound and video by AudeRrose, computed and self-made internal monologue.

Poetic mimetic journey – lost between images – body playing metaphors – trapped inside constant poetry – the subject is no longer a being but an image – a reflection of a physical experience – private inner story – playing with deformed mirrors – inverting realities and perspectives – constant narrative drift – hidden fantastic mythologies.